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Avon Valley National Park

Avon Calling! This tranquil park may not brighten your complexion but it will certainly brighten your day!

Campground Amenities

Imagine a camping spot that provides a peaceful transition from the southern forests to the drier country of the north. The Avon Valley National Park camping spot will give you exactly that. You’re in luck if you’re looking to explore a park with minimal development.

Avon Valley National Park has a varied and changing landscape. High granite outcrops offer panoramic views over the Avon Valley. The deep river and stream valleys are picturesque. Walk in the native forest of the park’s uplands.

There are plenty of birds and wildlife to spot among the jarrah, marri and powder bark trees. The Wandoo Forests of the valley floor are home to kangaroos, wallabies, chuditch and echidnas. That’s quite a crowd! Springtime wildflowers are abundant and bring glorious colour to the park.

Why not stay awhile and relax in the natural surroundings? Campers are welcome at the park’s four campgrounds. They’re basic, but picnic tables and toilets are provided. Nice! When campfires are permitted, huddle around one of the fire rings, but remember to bring your wood. Even dead wood is part of the ecosystem!

Avon Valley National Park has an interesting historical claim to fame. Infamous bushranger Moondyne Joe used the area as a hide-out in the 19th Century when he was on the run from jail. Unfortunately, his former cave and corral were destroyed by bushfires in the north of the park.

The best time to visit the park is spring, autumn and winter. Summer can be a scorcher!

Avon Valley National Park has lots to offer intrepid nature lovers. Enjoy a visit, following in Moondyne Joe’s footsteps. You don’t need to be on the run, though.

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